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Kelantan is a state in Malaysia where it is given the title of “The Cradle of Malay Culture”. For general information about the state, Kelantan is actually located at the north eastern corner of the Peninsular Malaysia. In addition to that, the total land area of the Kelantan state is roughly 14920 square kilometer where almost 95% from the 1.4 million total populations are made up from Malays with the rest of the 5 % being non Malay races. 

Aside from having Kota Bahru serving as the state capital and the royal town, the Kelantan state also has 8 additional main administrative districts where these districts include Bachok, Gua Musang, Jeli, Kuala Krai, Machang, Pasir Mas, Pasir Puteh, Tanah Merah and Tumpat. Ever since the early days, Kelantan at that period of time was already a very powerful kingdom sharing economic ties with the Chinese Empire. However, despite the reason for being a powerful state since the early days, Kelantan nowadays is still considered as the second poorest states in the whole of Malaysia. Some of the reason behind this is because the main economy of the Kelantan state depends mostly on agrarian and not much dependency on the industrial areas. Nowadays, the tourism industries in the Kelantan state is becoming more and more important as the Kelantan state itself is an interesting destination due to the reason where Kelantan is rich in a cultural sense and beautiful in its sceneries. 

Until today, Kelantan is still a very conservative state partly due to the reason where Kelantan is ruled by PAS or better known as the Islamic Party of Malaysia and in addition to that, due to the overwhelming numbers of Malays in the Kelantan state, the most influential religion here in Kelantan is none other than Islam (as we all know, Islam is a religion that is slightly more conservative). However, in spite of the reason for being conservative, the local town’s peoples of the Kelantan state still welcome visitors with an open arm. Moreover, these local people are more than willing to share their wonderful cultures such as the art of silat (a form of martial arts), gasing and as well as the giant kite known as wau. Aside from these interesting cultures, there are also a wide variety of local delicacies here in Kelantan where some of these tasty local delicacies include Nasi Dagang, Nasi Kerabu, Nasi Tumpang, Ayam Percik, Kau-Jam, Nasi Ulam and last but not least, the famous Kelantanese Laksa. 

Some of the people out there may have a misconception about Kelantan partly because Kelantan is ruled by an Islamic party and surely, it is bound to be more conservative. However, by looking through all these differences and misconceptions, Kelantan is still a very wonderful state with friendly local town’s folks.

吉兰丹(Kelantan)是马来半岛其中一个最北部的州属,州的总面积为 1 万 4 千 9 百 20 平方公里。其东北边与泰国交界,西边接霹雳,东边接登嘉楼,南边则接彭亨。

哥打峇鲁是吉兰丹的首府,其他主要城镇包括:万捷 BACHOK 、巴西富地 PASIR PUTEH 、丹那美拉 TANAH MERAH 、道北 TUMPAT 及话望生 GUA MUSANG 。

吉兰丹是一个非常独特的旅游胜地,因为它拥有漂亮的海滩、丰富的文化遗产、华丽的手工艺品及精致的木雕等。妇女在吉兰丹的经济上,扮演了举足轻重的角色。她们所制作的手工艺品,从吉兰丹银器、篮子及衣服布料等,皆是国内最好的手工艺品。吉兰丹人似乎比较喜欢大型的事物,他们的每一样器具都是“超大号”的,例如:风筝、陀螺及马来鼓 REBANA UBI 等。

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