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Pahang Tourist Guide
The Pahang state which is located on the east coast is by far the largest state in Peninsular Malaysia. Covering a land area more than 35000 square kilometer, the Pahang state currently has a total population count of 13725000 people and this number is continuing to grow each year. The main ethnic composition in the Pahang state is the Malays followed by Chinese, Indian, other ethnics and as well as non citizens. 

The state capital of the Pahang state is known as Kuantan whereas the royal capital of Pahang is the district known as Pekan. On top of the state capital and the royal capital, the Pahang state has another 9 main administrative districts where these districts are categorized as Bentong, Bera, Cameron Highlands, Jerantut, Lipis, Maran, Raub, Rompin and as well as Temerloh. In the early days, the main economy of the Pahang state depends mostly on tropical timber production and mining. However, with the declination of natural resources such as lumber, the main trend for the economy dependency of the Pahang state has shifted towards fishery, petrochemical processing, gold mining and last but not least, tourism. 

In the Pahang state, there are actually many wonderful natural attractions as the geographical terrain in the Pahang state itself is made up from three sections which are the highlands, rainforests and the coastal area. For the highlands, there are two famous but completely different highlands here in the Pahang state. Firstly, there is the Cameron Highlands which emphasize and showcases the beauty of the natural resources. Secondly, there is the Genting Highlands which focuses more on entertainment and enjoyment in the peak of the mountain. Aside from the highlands, there are also the rain forest and of course, the coastal area. For the rainforest terrain, Malaysia’s largest national park is situated right at the heart of the Pahang state where it is a large primary forest which has many endangered animals staying within the forest. Lastly, there is also the coastal area terrain and that is where the capital state of Pahang is situated. Besides that, the famous Tioman Island is located just offshore of the coastal line. 

Generally, the people here in the Pahang state are very friendly and down to earth. For the tourists who wish to escape from the hustle bustle city life, then the Pahang state is definitely one of the top choices as aside being rich culturally, the Pahang state also has many wonderful natural resources such as forests, highlands and beaches.

彭亨州(Pahang)是马来半岛最大的一个州,总面积是 3 万 5 千 9 百 60 平方公里。其面向东海岸的海岸线则有 208 公里。关丹是州首府,距离关丹 45 公里的北根 PEKAN 则是皇城。彭亨州的人口超过 1 千 1 百万。州内有一条马来半岛最长的河,彭亨河 SUNGAI PAHANG ,以及马来半岛最高的山,大汉山 GUNUNG TAHAN。

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