Mountains In Malaysia Tourist Guide

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Malaysia mountains may not be the tallest in the world; the country's highest mountain, Mt. Kinabalu, is less than half the height of Mt. Everest for example.

Nor do Malaysia mountains have the classic snow-capped peaks that you see in other parts of the world, though it certainly feels cold enough for snow when you are shivering at the summit of Mt. Kinabalu!

A glance at the atlas will show you that there is a spine of uplands running down the centre of Peninsula Malaysia from the Thai border until it peters out just south of Kuala Lumpur. It is on this spine that the majority of the peninsula's highest mountains can be found although there are pockets of hilly areas elsewhere along the east and west coasts and in the Taman Negara area where western Malaysia's highest peak, Gunung Tahan is located.

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